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Maine Whitetail Hunts

Whitetail bucks are the most sought-after game animal in the USA. Come hunt with us! We’re here to deliver the Maine adventure you are looking for at an affordable price. We can design a hunt to meet your specific goals.

Want to experience the extreme challenge of chasing Whitetails in the vast forests of northern Maine? Maybe you are looking for a mature whitetail in velvet. We’ve got whitetail hunting packages to meet the needs of virtually any hunter. Whether you want a fully guided experience, some guidance on where to start, great meals, or just a place to stay, we can do as much as you want or as little. We’re here for you and your needs.

Early season hunting for bucks in velvet is an unbelievable experience! Hunt select areas of Maine open to hunting in early September with archery. We can also customize a combo deer and bear hunting package.

We’ve got access to thousands of acres of private lands to chase trophy whitetail bucks.

Hunting big bucks in the Deep Woods

Since the early 1900’s Maine has been well know for it’s vast woodlands and it’s big bodied Whitetail Bucks. Our hunting style for these big woods bucks has been in place for over 100 years. Passed down from generation to generation. Successfully harvesting a big buck in Norther Maine is an adventure in skill, patience and diligence. This type of hunting is not for everyone. Really, it’s not for many. This is for those that want the ultimate challenge in man vs whitetail buck. As challenging as it is to learn, those that do can learn to harvest a mature whitetail year after year even in this challenging environment. If you are ready for the most extreme whitetail challenge in the world, come join us and learn how to be an effective tracker and still hunter year after year.

Our deer hunts will take place in the Jackman region of Maine. The Jackman area is world renowned for it’s big bucks year after year.

Fully guided hunt with 1 on 1 guide service – $3,500 includes meals and lodging.

Fully guided hunt with 2 on 1 guide service – $2,500 includes meals and lodging

Non-guided – $1,250 with meals, lodging and tips on tactics and location

Deer Hunting in Southern Maine

Deer hunting in Southern Maine is more typical of what you see in other States.  Our deer densities are good and we commonly hunt out of tree stands or blinds in areas where deer are feeding.  Our population has been growing steadily for over a decade and opportunities for mature whitetails are there for the patient and persistent hunter.  Our hunts are semi guided to help ensure success.  We offer bow hunting and firearms hunting.  Southern Maine has several areas with shotgun only restrictions and we recommend hunting with a shotgun or other straight walled cartridge weapon.  Shots are typically well under 100 yards.  

Hunts are for 5 days and 6 nights.  $3,500/person including meals and lodging. 

 Daily rates or customized packages are also available by request.

Early Season Archery

Early Season whitetails offer the first shot at the biggest bucks in Maine.  Starting in early September also means a chance at a mature buck in velvet.  These hunts are only for the archers and those that can hunt from a climbing tree stand or a tree saddle.  We have access to summit climbing stands but recommend bringing your own saddle if you want to hunt that way,  Being able to blend into nature and get above these giants is paramount to success.  This time of year the bucks are still in a pattern and you can see multiple bucks traveling together on occasion.  We typically hunt in thick woods which decreases the amount of animals seen.  Those that are patient, diligent and quiet can be rewarded with some great memories.

5 day hunt with meals and lodging – $4,000 plus tax and gratuities

5 day hunt without meals and lodging – $2,500 plus tax and gratuities

Custom and daily rates are available upon request.

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