Fishing Trips in Maine with Moose Maine

Fishing Trips in Maine with Moose Maine

Moose Maine offers both guided and unguided fishing trips for bass, brook trout, stripers, pike, crappie, salmon, and more on an array of local fisheries in the beautiful Maine wilderness. If you are looking for a fishing opportunity that you don't see here, feel free to reach out to us and we will let you know if it is possible!

Smallmouth Fishing in Maine

Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Northern Maine

If you are a passionate bass angler, Maine is something to experience! Our area is filled with dozens of lakes that offer world-class smallmouth bass fishing. East Grand Lake is one of the most recognizable of these lakes - known broadly for its excellent fishing. Whether you are just looking to go out and catch a bunch of fish, or really want to target a true trophy smallmouth, our guides can put you on them. Most of these lakes also hold a good number of crappie, which are great eating and can make for a fun addition to your fishing outing!

The best time of year for bass fishing in Maine is typically from late May until mid September. Different months during this period offer different experiences and advantages, but feel free to consult with us on the timing of your trip if fishing will be a priority for you.

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Fly Fishing in Maine

Maine Fly Fishing Trips

Grand Lake Stream is a nearby fishery that is known for its incredible fly fishing for Brook trout and Landlocked salmon - both extremely fun fish to catch on fly tackle! We offer both guided and unguided fly fishing trips, over either a multiple-day stay or just for a day trip depending on what interests you. Our local guides know this body of water like the back of their hands and will be able to get you on some great fish, or if you just want to stay at the lodge and go on your own adventure, we can give you some "local tips" before you head out.

The best time of year to catch Brookies and Salmon in Maine is during the late spring and early summer - from mid-May to early July, and then it picks back up again in September.

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Canoe & Kayak Fishing

Canoe & Kayak Fishing in Maine

These trips are drop-off and pick-up, or we can take you on a fully guided outing. Moose Maine is near the Penobscot River, as well as the Mattawamkeag River and both offer some great fishing and a relaxing float. The main focus on these fishing trips will be smallmouth bass, as they are the most prevalent fish in these waters. We can take you out on a regular boat as well, but we feel as though fishing out of a kayak or canoe on these rivers is a much more fun and intimate experience. It is such a fun experience, in fact, that some people prefer to just do float trips and leave the fishing rods behind.

The best bass fishing in these rivers will occur from late May through early September, and this is also the most enjoyable time to be out on the water in terms of the weather.

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing in Northern Maine

Looking for a true northern fishing experience? We also offer ice fishing trips during the winter months. This is a great time to catch salmon, togue (lake trout), and whitefish. Most people imagine being out in the freezing cold surrounded by a bleak expanse of ice, but you will actually be huddled up in a nice warm ice fishing shack, talking, drinking, and having a good time with friends while you wait for a fish to bite.

Ice fishing is an experience unlike any other kind of fishing and if you have never gone before, we recommend that you try it!

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