Wildlife & Photo Safaris

Photo Safaris

The beautiful landscape of Northern Maine is a wildlife photographer’s paradise. Home to a large moose population and an incredible array of migrating bird species, photographers will have the opportunity to capture once-in-a-lifetime photos on their tour. We offer guided photo tours by the day, overnight, or up to a week long focusing on finding and capturing some of Maine’s most iconic wildlife species. Although these are great trips for experienced photographers, we also cater to beginner photographers looking to get their feet wet. The broad diversity of wildlife makes for a target rich environment that is perfect for new photographers to practice their skills and snag a few great shots.

Guests can expect to see and photograph moose, loons, eagles, bison, red deer, fallow deer, elk, beavers, ducks, and other migratory birds and warblers that can only be photographed in this area.

We can provide custom packages in order to meet your specific needs and offer you the best experience possible during your time in Maine.

Wildlife/Foliage Tours

Maine is famous for its stunning fall foliage, when the woods turn into a beautiful sea of oranges, reds, and yellows. It is also famous for its dense populations of moose – the largest deer species in the world. We offer our guests the chance to encounter these large mammals up close and personal in the wild. From early September to late October, the bull moose are in full rut (breeding season) and will respond to calls made by our guides – brining them into close range while they let out deep grunts to display their dominance. To say that this makes for an unforgettable experience and photo opportunity would be an understatement!



Another thing that Maine is known for is its unique foraging opportunities. During the springtime (late May through July), guests can enjoy going out and picking Fiddleheads, also known as Ostrich Fern – a local plant that is essentially a vegetable that holds similarities to asparagus. We also do berry picking and mushroom harvesting which, along with picking fiddleheads, makes for a great pastime while looking for moose or other wildlife on your photo safari or nature tour.

This is an extremely fun local tradition and it is truly rewarding to go out and harvest your own food from nature and take it home to eat for dinner. Food always tastes a little more special when you are able to source it yourself.