Guided Moose Hunts Maine

Guided Moose Hunts Maine

Why Hunt with Bull Moose Wilderness Adventures

Congratulations on being drawn for this once in a lifetime opportunity to harvest a Maine Moose. This is our most popular plan and it includes everything you would expect in a first class fully guided hunt.  We’re here for you and your needs on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Frost on the ground, the raking of antlers against the trees accompanied with the grunts of an angry bull moving towards you. You can see the steam from its breath rise above the small trees. Adrenaline is pumping and your heart is racing. Interested? Come join us for the experience of a lifetime!  We have your Moose hunting needs covered!   We do hunts in Zones 4, 5, 6 via remote camp and 11, 18 and 19 out of our first class lodge. 

At BMWA we offer unparalleled scouting that starts as soon as the prior season ends.  We take flights over many of our hunting areas through the winter, spring and summer to track the big ones and get ready for the upcoming season.  We spend countless hours throughout the winter, spring and fall scouting for moose.  Some of the best scouting is done in winter and spring when we are locating sheds dropped by large bulls.

We have designed and customized our own recovery equipment and utilize all methods of recovery to ensure your harvest is getting the best care.  Most recoveries are done quicker and provide better care by hauling them out of the woods whole.  In some cases, it's better to quarter the moose in the woods and pack it out.  We have the knowledge, equipment and experience to make the best recovery and ensure your harvest is properly cared for.

Most importantly, we limit the number of hunts we take to 3 each season.  This ensures every hunter has an exceptional experience and opportunity!  We offer a traditional guided hunting package complete with meals and lodging.  We can upgrade your hunting package to include things like remote camping, air scouting, or a second guide.  Nobody is more thorough, more prepared or outworks our team.

Best of all, we start off every hunt with a traditional Maine Lobster Bake!  If you don't like lobster, we can substitute with a great steak!

Our Hunting Grounds

We hunt three core areas with differing characteristics and hunting opportunities.

The Northeastern Corner where Zone 11, 18 and 19 sit is filled with rolling hills, lots of lakes and swamps and most cutting has been done via selective harvest.  This particular area tends to be thick with small trees and visibility is limited.  Often times we will have interactions with mature bulls at close range.  Shots are typically less than 50 yards.  And many times, we will have bulls with 15 to 20 yards and not even be able to see them.  These zones have fewer permits and the animals see very little hunting pressure.  We hunts these zones from our first class lodge.

The Maine Northwoods sits in the northwest corner and is covered partially by Zones 4 and 8. The North Maine Woods is nearly 20% of the State of Maine and has no power, phone or internet.  This is as remote as you can get in Maine.  This area has the highest density of Moose in the World.  Some areas boast approximately 12 moose per square mile and the whole territory average 8 per square mile.  The high density means a lot of permits and a lot of hunting pressure.  This zone really takes the extra effort to get away from the masses and into the best hunting areas.  This is where our determination and expertise shine the best.  The mix of heavily forested areas in varying ages presents prime habitat for moose.  These moose are hunted hard and are far more shy than other zones.   Hunts in this area can be extremely challenging but also highly rewarding to those who put in the extra effort.  In 2021, Zone 4 had a success of 55%.  We had a 100% opportunity rate and were 13 for 14.  These hunts are done remotely.

The Central Woodlands is where Zone 5 and 6 sit.  This area has been heavily forested for the past decade with many clear cuts and replanted areas bordering thick cover.  This area can result in the most sightings of animals due to its open nature.  To get the big ones in these zones, you need to focus on their core areas.  Large bulls are shy and do not often get pulled out into the open.  Hunting the edges of these large cuts where there is good cover and water can be very productive.   These hunts are done via remote outposts or tents. 

Guided Hunting Package - Standard Package

Standard Hunting Package

  • Lodging, meals, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks for up to 8 days and 7 nights for permittee and sub-permittee. 
  • Transportation to/from Maine Airports
  • Transportation during the hunt
  • Full time guide
  • Recovery of harvest and field dressing
  • Transportation of harvest to processor or use our on-site cooler and processing
  • Transportation to local taxidermist – Ask us for recommendations
  • Custom photography and memory book for you and your sub-permittee.

$5,000 plus tax and gratuities

Remote Hunts

Remote Moose Hunts

What's even more exciting than a Moose hunt?  Doing it remotely!  Many hunters and traditional lodges will drive an hour or more to get to their hunting areas.  Let us take you into the heart of Moose Country for your hunt.  We set up camp in prime areas in Zone 4 and Zone 8.  Enjoy being fully integrated into the wilderness on these hunts that put you right in the heart of Moose Country.  Enjoy a sound sleep on a comfortable cot inside our heated outfitter tents. 

Although there are no guarantees, we have not failed a client yet.  We consistently harvest mature bulls.  Mature bulls in Maine have racks from 40" to over 60" and weigh from 750 to over 1000 pounds dressed.  In 2021, our average bull was 8.5 years old and weighed 800 pounds.  This hunt uses a team approach to with designated guide and helper for each hunt.  This ensures a successful hunt and quick recovery of your harvest.

$7,500 plus tax and gratuities


Platinum Hunting Package

For those that don't want to take any chances, this package is as close to a guarantee as you can get!  This is the best of everything we can offer.  First class accommodations at The Maine River Lodge or a Remote camp set up in the heart of Moose country.  Excellent meals, the best guides and the legendary Moose Whisperer, what more could anyone ask for?

Includes everything in standard packages as well as:

  • Pre-hunt aerial Scouting
  • 2 Dedicated guide's
  • Dedicated scout and recovery team
  • Custom photography and videographer

$10,000 plus tax and gratuities

Cow Hunts

Antlerless Hunts

Our cow hunts are a similar package as our traditional offering.  These hunts will combine still hunting and riding roads in high density areas.  We customize these hunts based on client needs and wants.  No matter your capabilities, we can help you be successful.  We do antlerless hunts in Zones 4, 5 and 6.

Hunts in zone 5 and 6 include:

  • Remote camp/outpost, meals, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks for up to 7 days and 6 nights for permittee and sub-permittee. 
  • Transportation during the hunt
  • Full time guide
  • Recovery of harvest and field dressing
  • Transportation of harvest to processor or use our on-site cooler and processing

$3,500 plus tax and gratuities

Like in 2021, we are setting up in the Southwest section of Zone 4 to provide additional outfitter coverage.  We are doing this to support the States adaptive hunt to understand the relationship between Moose population density and winter ticks.  To support this effort, we are offering our hunts at $3,000 plus tax and gratuities.  The hunt includes the following:

  • Remote camp/outpost
  • Meals, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks for up to 7 days and 6 nights for permittee and sub-permittee. 
  • Transportation during the hunt
  • Full time guide
  • Recovery of harvest and field dressing

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