Maine Hunting Outfitter & Lodge - Moose Maine

Maine Hunting Outfitter & Lodge - Moose Maine

Join our family!

Join the Family

We strive for every guest to experience the best possible wilderness adventure.  We learn every client as an individual and work diligently to deliver an experience that matches their greatest expectations.  Come to where we make our home your home!

Are you tired of outfitters that treat you like a number?  We serve a limited number of clients each season to ensure we are able to get to know each of our guests as family. 

It's the little things we do and the extra effort that let's you know we truly care about every single adventure.

The Moose Maine Team

At Moose Maine we pride ourselves in our teamwork and comradery!  This great team is the foundation of what we do, how we do it, and how awesome it is for our customers!

Meet the Moose Maine Team!

Matt Labauskas - Matt is a lifelong Mainer and extraordinary hunting guide.  He is at the core of everything we do.  Matt is the natural leader of our guide crew due to his vast experience and natural abilities.  He is a great coach and mentor for everyone on the team.

Travis Cutler - Owner of Cozy Cove Cabins and Maine Guide.  Travis runs all things Moose Maine in the Jackman region.  He is a jack of all trades.  No matter what type of adventure, Travis can deliver.  

Hunter Jellison - Hunter is the youngest member of the team.  He may not have the lengthy experience of some others but he is a calling master across the board.  He's a wizard with ducks and geese in particular.  He is a master videographer to boot spending much of the year working for Open Season TV on the Pursuit Channel.

John LaMarca - John, owner of Lamarca Outfitters, is vital part of Moose Maine.  In addition to being a fantastic guide and outdoorsmen, John writes for the Maine Sportsman and is the lead designer for Woodman Arms.

Cory Edgerly - Cory, Owner On the Edge Wildlife Removal and Guide Service, is another vital part of our team.  Cory is a lifelong hunter and trapper.  His trapping skills are unrivaled and he can find moose and deer in the worst of conditions.

Ron Greco - Ron is the founder of Moose Maine.  His vision is to change the industry by providing the best service, atmosphere and hunting into one.  He has brought this great team together to serve you!

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